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Innovation Cafe: Helping Entrepreneurs Make Their Dreams True

In April 2021, Innovation Cafe signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Qatar Science and Technology Park to strengthen Qatar’s startup and innovation ecosystem to boost entrepreneurial activities in Qatar collectively. 

Innovation Cafe: An Overview 

Innovation Cafe is a unique innovation and design studio based in Qatar. It envisions being categorized as a Think Tank in the MENA region, focusing on promoting the growth and competitiveness of public and private sector organizations to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.

Innovation Cafe aims to create a culture of innovation to foster sustainable growth with its mission statement: Culture, Sustainability, Advancement, and Excellence.

Promotional video of Innovation Cafe. Source: Innovation Cafe website.

Previous Mergers

In alignment with its goals and services towards local entrepreneurs in Qatar, Innovation Cafe had entered into a partnership with Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development, the brainchild of Qatar Development Bank and Silaech, in November 2020. This joint venture is ideated to provide local entrepreneurs with a suitable platform for displaying and promoting their products.

The project is aimed at providing a bigger market for home startups and businesses in Qatar. Commenting on the merger Abdulla Faleh al-Saeed, board member and acting general manager of Bedaya Centre, said, “this partnership is part of our continuous keenness to support small and home businesses and to supply the Qatari market with national products, which will contribute to a wider spread and reach for these products, especially in light of the remarkable development those businesses are witnessing.”

For this project, Innovation Cafe employees sell displayed products in exchange for a nominal percentage, spending on the product’s price. Under this cost-effective arrangement, the entrepreneurs are exempted from providing their staff to sell their products.

MoU with Qatar and Technology Park

Its recent project with QSTP is the beginning of a promising initiative for young and aspiring entrepreneurs in Qatar. It will help startups by providing them with mentorship as well as comprehensive information on innovation and tech-development programs. Moreover, for boosting entrepreneurship in Qatar, they will collaborate on identifying the needs for creating an enabling environment for startups to thrive. 

These goals will be achieved through a series of events, including workshops, bootcamps, incubator events, hackathons, and pitching sessions.

They have further agreed to provide expertise in terms of technology and knowledge, access to workspace, infrastructure and funding, and investments to the applicants depending on the programs.

Ramzan AL Naimi - Innovation Cafe - QT
Ramzan AL Naimi
CEO and Chief Business Consultant, Innovation Cafe

Commenting on the partnership with QSTP, the Founder and CEO of Innovation Cafe, Ramzan Rashid Al Naimi, said, “We are really glad to sign this MoU with QSTP. This cooperation aims to serve and empower the entrepreneurs in the State of Qatar by leveraging the national entrepreneurial ecosystem which supports innovation in various aspects.”

Innovation Cafe is leading the way for emerging startups in Qatar to focus on their entrepreneurial ventures by providing them with the necessary support of marketing and other setups by developing innovative strategies for entrepreneurs. The partnership with Bedaya Center and QSTP is a step forward in achieving similar goals.  

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