About us

We hold a burning passion for sharing your wondrous story with the world and enabling you and everyone else to Talk about it. We are an online digital-first platform for both inspiring and aspiring entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, change-makers, startups, and businesses. By leveraging digital media and public relations, Qatar’s Talk aims to empower entrepreneurs and their businesses by spreading their stories and encouraging conversations amongst them. We are a one-stop shop for content creation, building connections, and encouraging communication.

Share your story with confidence and become the talk of the world.

Our Vision: In the long term, our mandate is to usher in a new era of development where every Qatari startup has access to global economic opportunities. We intend to make Qatari startups the heart of the global business ecosystem.

Our Mission: We want to be the driving force behind the success of every Qatari entrepreneur, investor, and innovator by disseminating their success stories and incredible inventions worldwide. We believe that every potentially viable and promising Qatari startup deserves a global spotlight.

We have a unique passion – to tell the world your story and to enable your talk! So let’s get in touch: