Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Professional counselling anytime and anywhere – Qatari women-found initiative Therappy makes is possible now

Found by two women dealing with the challenges of new motherhood and backed by the Qatar Foundation, Therappy app connects users to a secure...


An Elementary Guide to Startup Marketing.

One of the fundamentals of landing a successful startup is marketing it well enough to reach its supposed audience. Statistics indicate that around 14%...
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The top bank in Qatar that aids startups get off the ground

The lack of funding options and loan facilities is the most disheartening issue for Qatari startups. This article gives a quick overview of Qatar's...

How Sajdah values privacy with its ad-free & privacy-protected Prayer Guide and Time App

DOHA QATAR - Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis was in the process of paying tribute to the martyrs of the Christchurch massacre by introducing Sajdah when...

A Qatari innovator introduces the world to Oliver – A smart cooking robot

Doha, Qatar – Are you tired of being locked in your kitchen the whole day? Khalid Aboujassoum presents Oliver to your rescue. Khalid, a...

Najah Qatari is all set to host the 4th edition of its annual award show

Doha, Qatar - The most eagerly awaited business celebration of the year is finally here. Najah Qatari, which translates as the Qatari success event,...

Qatar National Vision 2030 Promises to Achieve Sustainable Development

Focussing on four interlinked pillars, Qatar unfolds its national vision 2030 to become an advanced country with a prosperous society. Conceived in 2008 and ceaselessly...


Popular Startups Nailing The Lifestyle Sector in Qatar

Qatar - a middle-eastern country currently flaunting the lowest unemployment rates of 0.5%, one of the highest per capita incomes, and a striking annual...

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