Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Doha-based high-tech startup develops unique replay technology

Sponix is a sports technology startup that aims to improve the sports fan experience by offering solutions and services that assist broadcasters, teams, leagues, and marketers in the sports tech sector in attracting more viewers. 

Microsoft has named the firm as the greatest startup in Asia, and it was also named one of Austria’s top five football innovation companies.

The concept of Sponix Tech

Sponix Tech Founder and CEO Mohammad Ali Abbaspour is proud of his immersive replay technology that is the first in the world to generate this type of immersive material without the need of any stadium hardware; it is entirely software-based. 

It uses SPov technology that lets you immerse yourself in your favorite player’s fun moments and scenes and feel the same playing circumstances and ambiance. Tennis, football, baseball, cricket, and ice hockey are just a few of the sport available. 

SPboard technology for virtual advertising 

Sponix also offers solutions and services to help broadcasters, teams, and leagues, as well as marketers in the sports technology business and grow their audiences. In real-time, SPboard technology inserts virtual ads for sporting events. There is just one competitor in this field, a major US-based firm that creates identical material. However, they need extremely expensive equipment to produce their content.

This technique does not necessitate the installation of any extra equipment, cameras, billboards, or sensors at the stadium. Instead, it ushers in a new age of sponsorship in the sports business, boosting viewership even more. Through their technology, Sponix assists clubs, leagues, and television networks in selling more digital sponsorship.

What is next? 

Sponix’s team is unquestionably focused on its goal of being a game-changer in the sports technology sector. They want to not only enhance fan involvement but also usher in a new era of sports sponsorship.

Sponix’s immersive replay technology has already been used in important events such as the UEFA Champions League. The company relocated its headquarters from the United Kingdom to Doha, intending to add value to the country’s developing sports sector and share its innovation with other local market participants ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

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