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A Qatari innovator introduces the world to Oliver – A smart cooking robot

Doha, Qatar – Are you tired of being locked in your kitchen the whole day? Khalid Aboujassoum presents Oliver to your rescue. Khalid, a Qatari innovator, is all set to achieve a substantial international breakthrough with his latest invention. Currently, his Prosperous startup, Else Lab, is in its final stages to launch the first-ever Wi-Fi-driven smart cooker. Besides, Oliver is available on Indiegogo for a pre-order and will be launched soon.

Apparently, this AI-driver cooking robot will essentially take the burden of cooking of the working class’ shoulders. Truly, no one enjoys long hours of cooking after a terrible and tiring working day. Thus, Else Lab and Mr Khalid have jumped into the market to address this very same issue. Consequently, the timing for the launch of this fantastic product could not have been any better than now.

Khalid, Founder Else Labs- QatarsTalk
Mr Khalid Aboujassoum, Founder and CEO, Else Labs.

Else Lab’s CEO and founder, Mr Khalid Aboujassoum, proudly announces, “With Oliver, we are taking stovetop cooking to a whole new level,”

Nurturing of the idea behind Oliver

Nonetheless, excellence is not achieved overnight. Since 2016, a large team of engineers has been working day and night to make the project a success. In order to ensure world-class quality, the product design is said to have undergone numerous iterations. As we speak, an exceptional team of 14 engineers and developers is tirelessly working on Oliver. Notably, the product is receiving prestigious media coverage, and its launch will mark a historic fusion between luxury and convenience.

Oliver’s unique features and perks

Indeed, this product is way different from your typical cooker that aimlessly blows whistles when the food is ready. With Oliver, cooking is not simply about throwing things into the pot and letting them simmer. Rather, this cooker is more like having a 5-star chef by your side. The technical marvel features:

  • A companion app that contains a whole library of recipes. Also, it is capable of breaking down the nutritional value of every meal it makes. Moreover, one can also feed new recipes into the system through the app.
  • An LED monitor for the visual representation of the cooking process.
  • Five top-loading jars and a water tray are used to load the recipe ingredients.
  • An automatic patented mixing arm that stirs into the food just at the right time.

How it works.

Certainly, you have heard about having information at the tap of a finger. Surprisingly, Else Labs bring the kitchen to the tap of your finger. The appliance combines the latest AI, engineering, and technology to offer high-end meal cooking.  To avail of the latter, all you have to do is:

  • Firstly, choose an excellent recipe from the library in the app. You can either select from the recipes shared by expert chefs, worldwide users or create your own.
  • Then, fill the five jars with the necessary ingredients. Amazingly, the companion app also provides detailed instructions on how to fill the jars.  Additionally, you do not have to worry about pushing any button to add the ingredients.  When the time and temperature are right, the cooker will automatically release each ingredient.
  • After that, Oliver will do the rest. All you have to do is just tap on the app to kick start the process.
  • Finally, Leave the kitchen and relax in your air-conditioned room. Your loyal companion app will punctually notify you when your 5-star quality meal is ready.

As mentioned earlier, the app allows you to choose from a variety of recipes. So, why would anyone break their banks to enjoy a 5-star meal at an expensive restaurant? Besides, you can have it at home at just 25% of the total cost. Be it Chinese, Korean, Italian, western, or even Middle-eastern, Your robotic chef Oliver can make it all.   

Oliver smart cooking robot- QatarsTalk
Image Source: Oliver/Else Labs

A glimpse of Else Lab

Since its founding in 2014, Else Labs has never let go of the idea of ‘more flavour more freedom’. This privately held company is led by Khalid Aboujassoum and aims to blend homemade food, quality, and technology.  Most companies strive to bring automation into every part of our lives but neglect the kitchen. Contrarily, Else Labs strives to furnish precise and perfect solutions to students and busy parents.

The brain behind the technical marvel

The product definitely deserves praise, and so does the company that introduces it. However, it would be highly unfair if the brilliant mind behind the idea is not appreciated. Khalid Aboujassoum is the founder and CEO of Else Labs and is primarily the mind behind Oliver’s design. With his enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship, he strives to turn ideas into tangibles.

Through a degree in Engineering and a vast career, he explored the hardware and software product development worlds and how they intersect. In fact, his passion for entrepreneurship was so intense that he founded the Qatari Student Network before completing his studies. Later on, he worked for numerous companies and established some of his own as well. Currently, his most successful companies are ibTECHar and Else Labs.

During and after his studies, Mr Khalid received numerous awards, including:

  • 1st Prize Winner and Designated Top Entrepreneur of 2011 (ictQatar)
  • 1st Prize Winner and Designated as the “Star of Science” of 2012
  • His product, Oliver, received highlights in The Spoon, Ottawa Business Journal, Business Insider, etc.

Mr Khalid has his hopes very high for Oliver. He praises the product by saying, “This is no slow cooker. It’s a smart stove with a bank of hundreds of recipes and thousands more to come. Any dish can be made in Oliver—exactly the same, every time,”

He continues. “We built Oliver to capture an expert chef’s talent, timing and technique—in frying, steaming, sautéing, mixing, braising and stirring—in one smart cooking robot.”

If you’d like to pre-order or support Oliver: AI-driven smart cooking robot click here.

Interested in learning more about Khalid Aboujassoum and his startup projects? Follow Instagram profiles @ibTECHar @SaneaME @ElseLabs.

Summing up, it is clear that Qatari entrepreneurs’ success stories are not restricted within the Qatari borders. No matter the part of the world they reside in, making history through hard work and dedication flows in their veins.

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