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Places to visit in Qatar and the golden opportunities for tourism startups

Qatar – A place blessed with natural beauty. The rich Arabian peninsula consisting of golden sandy deserts, a long Persian Gulf shoreline, remarkable dunes, and futuristic skyscrapers is breathtakingly beautiful. There is an inexhaustive list of places to visit in Qatar.  In fact, Qatar is emerging as a top tourist attraction for foreign visitors in 2021. And the approaching 2022 FIFA World Cup will further open new doors of opportunities for the tourism industry. 

Hence, now is the best moment for ambitious entrepreneurs to grab their hands on the gushing spring of opportunities. In this article, we’ll look at the tourism industry’s prospects, some associated flourishing startups, and a few of Qatar’s most fascinating spots to visit. Perhaps one of the companies that benefited most from this opportunity is Qatar Airways.

“FIFA is delighted to partner with the world’s fastest-growing airline, Qatar airways. Known for introducing industry firsts, Qatar Airways is an ideal partner for FIFA as we prepare for the first-ever world cup in the gulf region, 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar.” Says FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura.

As a result, this pivotal moment represents a golden opportunity for every Qatari tourism entrepreneur to solidify their foothold in the sector just like Qatar Airways. But, before we get into the forthcoming prospects and the appealing tourist attractions and activities, let’s look at some of the presently flourishing startups.

Qatari startups/platforms nailing the tourism & entertainment industry

While many entrepreneurs aspire to become part of the booming industry, numerous have already established a strong presence.


The first thriving startup in Qatar and perhaps the whole of the Middle East is the Turismo app. It primarily operates in Qatar and the Middle East, providing unique experiences through entertaining activities, cultural tours, and exclusive getaways. Furthermore, the app allows users to create a bucket list of their favourite activities, organize thrilling staycations, and even offer feedback following reservations. Undoubtedly, the app will be of great help to foreign tourists.

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Qatar Airways, their app, and Discover Qatar

The second company on our list is not exactly a startup but rather a renowned airline with a global reputation. It has earned several accolades for its elevated services and cutting-edge airline entertainment amenities. Likewise, many perceive the airline to have established a golden standard for its competitor. Furthermore, visitors will gain the most from the airline’s app. During and after the FIFA World Cup, guests will be able to quickly book flights between cities, order special meals on flights, and even check the status of their flights. It will also be a valuable tool for comparing fares.

Moreover, Qatar Airways has established a partnership with a destination management company called Discover Qatar. The two, together with Qatar tourism aim to provide the visitors with an outstanding vacation experience. They do so, by offering a unique and comprehensive selection of the extensive collection of hotels, tours, transfers and activities so that every tourist enjoys their stopover to a maximum.

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Golden Adventures Qatar

Golden Adventures Qatar is one of Doha’s most well-known tour operators, offering a wide range of services to both individuals and groups. They offer exceptional ground handling services, year-round adventures and itineraries (cruises, diving, sea resort vacations), and altogether excellent customer service. Overall, they will handle one’s trip from start to end at a competitive price. Golden Adventures Qatar is a great option for those who enjoy luxurious services.


However, if a traveller does not relish group excursions and wants one-on-one tailored services, ShowmeQatar is the way to go. Furthermore, their services are adaptable and versatile to meet the demands of each individual. If a visitor does not like traditional group tours, ShowmeQatar will connect them with a guide who will show them around the city like an old buddy.

Now let us delve deeper into the exciting realm of natural landscapes and modern beauty hybrids.

Things to do and places to see in Qatar

Qatar is a gifted country when it comes to beauty but has been overlooked and underrepresented for decades. However, the tables have recently turned. As Qatar began accelerating in technology and innovation, it caught the attention of a wide global audience. And the 2022 FIFA World Cup will bring it several steps closer to becoming a top tourist attraction. There are uncountable entertainment activities and places to visit in Qatar. We provide a glimpse into a few of these:

Doha city tour

The first thing you should do when you arrive in Qatar is taking a drive through Doha. A long drive around the capital, resting on the water’s edge, will be quite soothing for travellers before they begin seeing Doha’s tourist attractions one by one. Furthermore, if locating the appropriate places proves difficult, individuals may take a day/night trip to explore Doha with operators such as Falcon Tours and Golden Adventure Qatar for a thorough exploration.

National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

Secondly, one of the places to visit in Qatar is the National Museum of Qatar. Truly, the museum acts as the heartbeat of Qatari heritage. The museum brings to life the past of Qatar to stand with its present and offers visitors the chance to immerse into the world of legacy. It excellently promotes the country’s rich heritage and culture, as well as its wide network of links with other countries and people throughout the world. As evident through the ever-rising number of visits, its popularity is rising amongst tourists and the government is also tirelessly expanding its galleries.

National Museum of Qatar’s (NMoQ) iconic building, which was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, made a dramatic addition to the Doha landscape when it opened in 2019. It’s a must-visit place in Qatar. Image Source:

Souk Waqif

What is the use of visiting an Arabian country if one does not submerge themselves in the rich Arabic markets? The third place in Qatar that grab’s foreigners’ attention is the Souk Waqif market. Getting a glimpse of the unique Arabian horses and camels and the antique market is quite an escapade. 

Desert trips

After exploring the contemporary city skyline, a relaxing trip to the desert is popular amongst visitors. Visitors often choose between two options. The first is a day-long car drive through the dunes, sandboarding, and enjoying a delicious Arabian dinner in the evening. Or they could enjoy a relaxing camel ride under the starlit sky and then enjoy a soothing desert sunrise.

Al Khor

Lastly, visitors should end their vacation with a few days along the long stretches of the Gulf shoreline. And for this purpose, a trip in and around Al Khor will be great. Apart from Al Thakhira beach, tourists can also explore Al Khor Park, Al Khor mall, Purple Island, and Comiche.

As apparent, these exploration sites themselves provide an array of opportunities for new startups. From specialised service offering applications to unique dining facilities and ride bookings, there are numerous areas of scope to establish a business in the tourism industry. Hence, aspiring entrepreneurs should plunge into the pool of opportunities and grow themselves.

“The World Cup is a golden opportunity to be exploited. If we as a tourism tech, tourism companies, and even the government through Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) collaborates to take advantage of the opportunity, it would be a turning point in Qatar’s history.” Nada Farouk, the founder of Turismo, a tourism technology platform in Qatar told The Peninsula.

Summing up, there are not only great places to visit in Qatar but also great opportunities to grow and develop oneself in the industry. The government and various private incubators are in search of promising talents. Therefore, Qatari youth should not miss out on golden opportunities.

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