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Ooredoo Qatar Announces Strategic Partnerships with Nutanix and Netcracker

  • Ooredoo Qatar partners with Nutanix and Qatar Airways for a cutting-edge hybrid multi-cloud environment.
  • Nutanix Cloud Platform enhances Qatar Airways’ customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Ooredoo’s infrastructure supports real-time resource adjustments for Qatar Airways, optimizing costs.
  • Extended collaboration with Netcracker Technology enhances Ooredoo’s CRM capabilities for B2C and B2B customers.
  • Netcracker’s managed services improve revenue management and customer journeys across various industries.
  • These partnerships underscore Ooredoo’s dedication to innovation and excellence in telecom and beyond.

Ooredoo Qatar, a prominent telecommunications company, recently announced two significant service-related partnerships. 

One collaboration is with Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing, to support Qatar Airways, while the other is with Netcracker Technology to enhance Ooredoo’s customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

Partnership with Nutanix for Qatar Airways

Ooredoo has formed a strategic alliance with Qatar Airways and Nutanix to develop a cutting-edge hybrid multi-cloud environment. 

This initiative aims to enhance Qatar Airways’ customer experience and business performance by leveraging the Nutanix Cloud Platform. 

The platform offers a consistent cloud operating model, providing a unified environment for running applications and managing data across data centers, edge locations, and public clouds. 

This setup will enable Qatar Airways to break down operational silos, simplify processes, and ensure greater efficiency.

The scalability of the Nutanix Cloud Platform will allow Qatar Airways to adjust its resources in real-time, catering to peak operational periods and saving costs during slower times. 

Ooredoo’s infrastructure will facilitate this hybrid cloud model, ensuring agility and responsiveness, ultimately boosting the airline’s performance and customer service.

Collaboration with Netcracker Technology

In addition to the Nutanix partnership, Ooredoo announced the extension of its long-term collaboration with Netcracker Technology. 

This partnership will utilize Netcracker’s managed services for Ooredoo’s revenue management and CRM solutions, benefiting both B2C and B2B customers. 

The services encompass a wide range of telecom and other offerings, including ICT, IoT, and cloud solutions.

The expanded engagement with Netcracker will also cover other industries, such as fintech and entertainment. 

By utilising Netcracker’s expertise, Ooredoo aims to empower its customers with an elevated experience, featuring simplified journeys and touchpoints. 

This strategic move will allow Ooredoo to focus on its core objectives of delivering superior customer service and enhancing operational efficiency.

These partnerships highlight Ooredoo’s commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that both its own operations and those of its partners, like Qatar Airways, are optimized for the future.

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