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Karwa Bus Routes and Timings | 2024 Guide

Qatar has an exceptional transportation system that offers a variety of options for residents and visitors alike. You can choose from buses, trains, trams, private taxis, or personal cars to navigate the country. 

The public bus network in Qatar is known as the Karwa Bus. It connects Doha and other key locations. This service is operated by Mowasalat i.e. the leading transportation provider in Qatar which manages both the public transport system and the Karwa buses.

Mowasalat makes sure that every passenger enjoys comfortable and air-conditioned buses. The bus network comprises more than 50 routes, with the first buses departing at 4 a.m. and the last ones at around 11 p.m. Most routes originate from the Doha Bus Station which is conveniently located near the Gold Souq.

Mowasalat’s buses are designed to accommodate all passengers and it also has the facilities for wheelchairs. To make travelling even more convenient, Mowasalat recommends its users obtain the “Karwa Smart Card” i.e. a digital payment card for e-ticketing. This card simplifies the payment process, making it easier for travellers to use the public transport system efficiently.

What is Karwa Bus Service?

The Karwa buses are air-conditioned and provide a comfortable ride in Qatar’s hot climate. With over 50 routes, these buses operate from early morning until late at night. The first buses departs at 4 am and the last ones depart at around 11 pm. Most routes originate from the Doha Bus Station.

Karwa Bus Timings and Schedules

Karwa Bus Timings and Schedules

Karwa buses provide varying frequencies based on the route and time of day. During peak hours in the morning and evening, buses arrive every 10 minutes. 

This ensures quick and convenient travel for passengers. During off-peak times, buses come less often, about every 20 to 30 minutes. 

On less busy routes, the frequency is also reduced. Passengers should check the Mowasalat website for the most accurate and current bus schedules.

Accessible Features

Mowasalat is committed to making its transportation services accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. 

Most Karwa buses are designed with low-floor entry for easy access, equipped with wheelchair ramps, and have designated spaces for wheelchair users. 

Visual and audio announcements of stops are also provided to assist all passengers in navigating the bus system efficiently.

Special Assistance Services

Passengers requiring special assistance can contact Mowasalat customer service in advance. The staff at Mowasalat customer service are trained to offer additional support to make sure a smooth and comfortable journey for everyone. 

This proactive approach helps all passengers, especially those with specific needs, to travel confidently and comfortably on Karwa buses.

Karwa Smart Card 

The Karwa Smart Card is a convenient tool for e-ticketing and e-payments, designed to make bus travel in Qatar hassle-free. Karwa Smart Card is essential for riding Karwa buses in Qatar. This smart card ensures convenient access to the public transportation system.

Types of Karwa Smart Cards

Karwa Smart Cards are available in three varieties to cater to different travel needs:

Classic Card: It is priced at QAR 30. The Classic Card is a long-term, rechargeable option. It is ideal for frequent travellers who require a durable and flexible payment method for regular use.

Limited Card: The Limited Card costs QAR 10 and offers great value for short-term use. It is valid for two trips within 24 hours of purchase, making it perfect for occasional travellers or those needing a quick, temporary solution.

Unlimited Card: For those who need unlimited travel within a single day, the Unlimited Card is the best choice. For QAR 20, it provides unlimited travel with a 24-hour validity, offering maximum convenience for intensive travel days.

How to Use the Karwa Smart Card

Using the Karwa Smart Card is straightforward. To use the card, passengers simply need to tap it when boarding and exiting the bus, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. This ensures that the correct fare is deducted, and the process is quick and efficient.

Benefits of the Karwa Smart Card

The Karwa Smart Card offers several benefits, including:

Ease of Use: Simplifies the payment process, eliminating the need for cash.

Flexibility: With three different card options, travellers can choose the one that best fits their needs.

Convenience: Rechargeable and easy to carry, making it a practical solution for daily commutes or occasional trips.

The Karwa Smart Card is an essential tool for anyone using the bus system in Qatar, providing a range of options to suit different travel requirements and ensuring a seamless journey for all passengers.

Where to Purchase a Karwa Smart Card

You can purchase a Karwa Smart Card at various locations:

Doha Bus Station: The main hub for bus services.

Ooredoo Self-Serving Machines: Widely available for quick transactions.

Karwa Bus Stations: Available at multiple bus stations across the city.

Ticket Vending Machines: Located at strategic points for easy access.

Merchants: Various shops throughout the city.

How to Top-Up Your Karwa Smart Card

Recharging your Karwa Smart Card is simple and can be done through multiple channels:

Ooredoo Money: Use the USSD menu (*140#) on your phone to add QR 5 to QR 500 to your card. You need to enter the first 10 digits of your Karwa Smart Card number to complete the top-up process.

Other Venues: The same places where you can purchase the card also offer top-up services.

This seamless system ensures that passengers can easily maintain their cards and enjoy uninterrupted travel across Qatar.

The Karwa Bus App

The Karwa Bus App is used to easily navigating Qatar’s bus system. The App is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

It provides real-time bus locations, detailed route information, and updated schedules, ensuring a smooth journey for all passengers. Users can also use the App top up their smartcards directly and receive timely updates on any route changes or service interruptions.

Comprehensive App Features

The Mowasalat Karwa Bus App enhances the user experience by providing access to departure times, ticket purchases, and tracking smart card usage. 

The app’s live bus tracking feature, real-time arrival updates, and bus arrival alerts ensure passengers have all the information they need for a seamless travel experience. 

Whether on Android or iOS, the Karwa Bus App is the perfect companion for anyone using Qatar’s bus system.

Convenient and Affordable Travel

Karwa offers competitively priced fares starting at QAR 2.50 for short trips, with a maximum fare of QAR 9 for long-distance travel to destinations like Al Shamal and Abu Samra on the Saudi border. 

You can purchase and top-up the Karwa Smart Card at various convenient locations, including Doha Bus Station, Hamad International Airport, supermarkets, and through Ooredoo self-service machines.


The Karwa Bus Service is operated by Mowasalat. It offers a comprehensive and convenient way for residents and visitors to move within the country. With over 50 routes, including those originating from the centrally located Doha Bus Station, passengers can travel comfortably in air-conditioned buses from as early as 4 A.M. until around 11 P.M.

Karwa buses are quick and convenient travel option especially during peak hours as the buses arrive every 10 minutes. These buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps and there are designated spaces for wheelchair users. Passengers requiring special assistance can contact Mowasalat customer service for additional support.

The Karwa Smart Card simplifies the payment process. It offers three varieties to suit different travel needs. It can be purchased and topped up at various locations, including bus stations and Ooredoo self-service machines and others. 

The Karwa Bus App further enhances the user experience by providing real-time bus locations, route information, and smart card management. Overall, Karwa ensures convenient and affordable travel across Qatar.

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