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15 Best Dental Clinics in Qatar | Get the Perfect Smile

A radiant smile isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a reflection of robust dental health. In Qatar, where dental health stands as a cornerstone of overall well-being, dental clinics play a pivotal role. With a burgeoning population and a dynamic healthcare landscape, Qatar places significant emphasis on accessible and quality dental care services offered by its dental clinics.

Dental health encompasses more than preventing cavities; it involves maintaining healthy gums, addressing orthodontic concerns, and enhancing overall oral hygiene. Qatar boasts a thriving dental landscape that caters to diverse needs, from routine check-ups at local Dental Clinics in Qatar to specialised cosmetic procedures and emergency care available at these clinics.

In recent years, Qatar has witnessed a remarkable expansion in dental infrastructure, with state-of-the-art clinics equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by skilled professionals. This development aligns with Qatar’s broader commitment to healthcare excellence and ensuring the welfare of its residents and visitors.

Moreover, Qatar’s rich cultural tapestry embraces the significance of dental health, fostering a growing awareness of the importance of regular dental check-ups and treatments. Whether you’re a long-time resident or a newcomer to Qatar’s vibrant community, access to top-notch dental care is readily available, ensuring that everyone can achieve and maintain a healthy, confident smile.

As we delve deeper into the dental landscape of Qatar, we’ll uncover the finest clinics, explore specialised services, and shed light on affordable options, empowering you to make informed decisions about your dental health. So, let’s embark on this journey together, towards brighter smiles and healthier lives in the heart of Qatar.

List of 15 Best Dental Clinics in Qatar 

The 15 best dental clinics in Qatar prioritise patient care, cutting-edge technology, and skilled professionals. These clinics offer a comprehensive range of services, from routine check-ups to specialised treatments, ensuring the highest standard of oral healthcare. 

With a commitment to hygiene, accessibility, and transparent pricing, they stand as pillars of excellence, providing indispensable dental services to the community.

1. Naseem Dental Centre

AddressNear AL Andalus Petrol Station, Al Rawabi Street, PO Box: 22891, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4442 3200, +974 4442 3817, +974 3330 0115

Naseem Dental Centre, a leading establishment in Doha, Qatar, boasts over a decade of expertise within the esteemed Naseem Healthcare Group. As part of the esteemed Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Group in the GCC, it upholds a reputation for excellence. 

With a diverse team of skilled professionals proficient in various languages, the centre provides top-tier dental care to guests from over 75 nationalities. Their services span a comprehensive range, including advanced treatments and warm hospitality.

2. Green Health Dental Clinic

AddressSaleh Bin Bayan St, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 44114232

Green Health Dental Clinic stands as a premier destination for dental care in Doha, Qatar, renowned for its expertise and commitment to craftsmanship. With meticulously designed facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic offers comprehensive dental services tailored to global standards. 

Patients experience a welcoming atmosphere where personalised attention is paramount, ensuring their concerns and preferences are attentively addressed from consultation to achieving a radiant smile. Clear and detailed explanations guide patients in selecting the most effective treatment options.

3. Kings Dental Center 

AddressKings Head office, Muaither North, Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 31102433, +974 4411 4926

Kings Dental Center  has emerged as the premier private dental care provider in the region. Offering an extensive array of services including root canal treatments, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, periodontology, cosmetic dentistry, paediatric dentistry, and preventive care, they prioritise excellence in oral health. 

With multiple branches, a skilled team of doctors, and a focus on dental tourism, Kings Dental Center delivers comprehensive and specialised care to its clientele.

4. Avenues Dental Center

AddressAl Wakra Main St, Near Abu Hamour Petrol Station, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 44818112, +974 30390888

Avenues Dental Center offers comprehensive dental solutions, focusing on exceptional care and service excellence. They are trusted for addressing various dental concerns, specialising in cosmetic dentistry. 

Their skilled team enhances smiles through personalised treatments such as smile designing and teeth whitening. They provide high-quality expertise for root canals and dental fillings to ensure optimal dental health and aesthetics for every patient.

5. Reem Medical Center

AddressGold Souq, Near Karwa Bus Station, Old Al Ghanem, PB No:46031, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4444 8112, +974 3331 8112, +974 7797 7245  

Reem Medical Center stands out as a premier and cost-effective dental clinic in Doha, Qatar, renowned for its exceptional dental services. Their skilled team offers a comprehensive array of general dentistry procedures, including routine checkups, dental cleanings, teeth whitening, and fillings. 

With a focus on maintaining oral health and hygiene, they deliver specialised treatments with modern facilities and a comforting ambiance. Reem Medical Center is widely recognized as a top choice for dental care in Qatar.

6. Doha Dental Center

AddressAl Muntazah Street, Villa # 126, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 66768288

Doha Specialized Dental & Dermatology Center offers a wide range of dental services customised to suit each person’s oral health requirements. Their skilled team provides top-notch care for a beautiful smile, from regular check-ups to advanced cosmetic procedures and orthodontics. 

The centre features a talented group of dentists who blend local expertise with international experience. Specialists in endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, implantology, and other fields ensure patients receive thorough and outstanding treatment.

7. Albidaa Dental Center

Address267 Rawdat Al Khail St,Nuaija, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4476 2000

Al Bidaa Dental Centre prioritises the delivery of exemplary dental services within a professional, serene, and empathetic ambiance. Dedicated to enhancing oral health in Qatari society, they offer a spectrum of treatments from preventive dentistry to advanced procedures like root canal therapy, orthodontics, and Prosthodontics. 

With a focus on holistic care, their commitment to integrity and unwavering quality ensures patients receive comprehensive and enduring dental solutions, earning their trust and fostering a healthier community.

8. British International Dental Centre

AddressAl Salam Tower، 10th Floor, Al Funduq St, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4411 7755, +974 44117744

The British International Dental Centre is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of treatments aimed at maintaining a vibrant smile, combating gum disease, and prioritising the preservation of natural teeth. Embracing the ethos of minimally invasive dentistry, tooth extraction is reserved for cases of utmost necessity. 

Their team of seasoned professionals adopts a collaborative approach to dental care, ensuring patients receive superior treatment that upholds both oral health and aesthetic considerations.

9. Premium Naseem Medical Centre

AddressPremium Naseem Medical Centre Opposite Al Arqam Academy, Haloul Street, P.O. Box No: 22891, Doha, Qatar 
Contact Number+974 4493 0286, +974 4493 0571

Premium Naseem Medical Centre, distinguished as a leading dental clinic in Qatar and its vicinity, is dedicated to delivering compassionate dentistry and top-tier general, cosmetic, and specialised dental treatments. They ensure patients achieve dazzling smiles through expert care, emphasising the importance of addressing dental issues promptly to prevent further health complications. 

Their highly skilled team in Doha provides personalised attention, striving for lasting solutions. Premium Naseem’s commitment lies in promoting and maintaining optimal oral health through comprehensive general dentistry services, including preventative care and various treatments such as crowns, dentures, implants, and more.

10. The International Medical Centre

Address14 Sahat Street, Jelaiah, Duhail, PO Box 19941, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4488 4292, +974 6644 4282

The International Medical Centre offers specialised care for dental health, focusing on diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of issues related to teeth and gums. Understanding the anxiety some may feel, they prioritise providing a comfortable and gentle experience for patients of all ages. 

From routine check-ups to advanced procedures, including orthodontic services like braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners, their patient-centred approach ensures personalised, long-term oral health solutions, striving to minimise invasiveness and expense while maximising effectiveness and comfort.

11. Dr Martin Dental Clinic

AddressBuilding No 64, Al Mashaf Street 102Al Soudan Area, Zone 55, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4444 4330

The Dr. Martin Dental Clinic is committed to improving oral health in the community. They provide superior dental care that is both hygienic and affordable. The clinic offers a wide range of dental specialties: Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Restorative Dentistry. 

Patients can access top-notch services all under one roof, thanks to the clinic’s state-of-the-art technology and materials. Treatments are advanced and tailored to individual needs.

12. Al Abeer Dental Center

AddressUmm Al Dome St. Muaither, Ar-Rayyan. P.O Box 32563, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4017 9822, +974 7021 3243

Al Abeer Dental Center is dedicated to delivering exceptional oral healthcare services, offering a comprehensive range of treatments under one roof. Utilising cutting-edge dental equipment, they prioritise top-quality care for every patient. 

Their commitment lies in fostering trust-based relationships, ensuring patients are well-informed to make educated decisions regarding their oral health and treatment choices. With a focus on excellence, Al Abeer Dental Center strives to provide unparalleled dental care to enhance overall well-being.

13. Al-Kharashi Dental Center

Address104 Al Waab Street, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 33577747
Email IdNA

Al-Kharashi Dental Center boasts a rich history of accomplishments, marked by thousands of successful dental implant procedures, smile enhancements, and a range of other biological, functional, and cosmetic treatments. 

Their reputation extends throughout Qatar and the Arab Gulf region, thanks to the trust of numerous patients. With an unwavering commitment to ongoing improvement, they pledge to fulfill their mission by consistently delivering exceptional care and striving for continuous development in their field.

14. Rayyan Dental Centre

AddressAl Shafi St, New Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 4480 2205, +974 77805370 

Rayyan Dental Center, located in Qatar, is a comprehensive dental facility dedicated to delivering exceptional dental care within a welcoming environment. Their mission centres on ensuring patient satisfaction by offering safe, high-quality treatments. 

With a focus on patient-centric healthcare, they collaborate with skilled dental practitioners across various specialties, guaranteeing a wide spectrum of dental services. Rayyan Dental Center takes pride in its commitment to providing world-class acute dental care, supported by a network of esteemed private practice professionals.

15. Dr. Usman N Ustad Clinic


Address245 Building 464 , Zone 68, Doha, Qatar
Contact Number+974 7796 5421, +974 6684 3155
Email IdNA

Dr. Usman N Ustad Clinic endeavours to be the premier choice for orthodontic needs. Their highly skilled orthodontist boasts a track record of over 4000 successfully treated cases, specialising in complex orthodontic issues. Offering a comprehensive array of services including metal braces, ceramic braces, self-ligating braces, and cutting-edge aligners, the clinic remains at the forefront of orthodontic innovation. 

With a commitment to continuous professional development, patients can trust in receiving top-quality care for a radiant and healthy smile. Contact them today to embark on your journey to dental confidence and beauty.


In conclusion, the dental landscape in Qatar boasts several outstanding clinics, each dedicated to providing exemplary oral healthcare services to its patients. Through meticulous research and analysis, we have identified the top dental clinics in Qatar, each recognized for its commitment to excellence in patient care, advanced technology utilisation, and skilled dental professionals.

These clinics stand out not only for their state-of-the-art facilities but also for their emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction. From routine dental check-ups to complex procedures, they offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.

Furthermore, the dedication to maintaining stringent hygiene standards and adherence to international best practices ensure the safety and well-being of every patient who walks through their doors. Moreover, their transparent pricing policies and accessibility make quality dental care accessible to all segments of the population.

In essence, the best dental clinics in Qatar epitomise the pinnacle of dental excellence, combining cutting-edge technology with compassionate care to deliver superior outcomes. Whether seeking preventive care or specialised treatments, patients can trust these clinics to provide the highest standard of dental services, making them indispensable pillars of oral healthcare in the country.

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