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New Investment Horizons Discussed at Qatar-Germany Business Meeting

The Qatari-German Business Meeting was hosted by the Qatar Chamber at its headquarters in Doha, with the event taking place on Wednesday. The meeting was co-chaired by Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari, the first vice-chairman of the Qatar Chamber, and Gordon Pelz, the vice-chairman of the German Mittelstand (German Association for SMEs).

In attendance were Mohamed bin Ahmed al-Obaidli, a board member of the Qatar Chamber, along with other Qatari businessmen and members of the German delegation. The primary focus of the meeting was to strengthen bilateral commercial and economic relations between Qatar and Germany, while also exploring investment opportunities in various sectors such as healthcare, agriculture technologies, real estate, renewable energy, transport and shipping, and IT.

The discussions also centred around the potential establishment of joint ventures and commercial alliances between Qatari and German companies. Al-Kuwari emphasized the strong relations between Qatar and Germany, particularly in economic and commercial spheres, highlighting the bilateral trade volume of QR6.4 billion in 2023.

He underscored the importance of mutual investments, noting the significant presence of German companies operating in Qatar across various sectors including contracting, trading, services, shipping, medical equipment, and devices. Similarly, he highlighted the substantial Qatari investments in Germany, amounting to €25 billion, with expectations for further growth in the future.

Al-Kuwari expressed optimism regarding the expansion of investment opportunities and collaboration between the two countries, emphasizing the potential for increased mutual benefits and economic growth. The meeting concluded with a commitment to continue fostering strong ties and exploring avenues for further cooperation between Qatari and German businesses.

Al-Kuwari encouraged German companies to take advantage of the incentives and benefits provided by Qatar for foreign investors and to explore the numerous opportunities available in the country. Highlighting Qatar’s world-class infrastructure and favourable legislation, he positioned the nation as a global business and investment hub, appealing to major international corporations. 

Al-Kuwari emphasized that Qatar’s laws permit non-Qatari investors to hold 100% ownership in all sectors and economic activities, underscoring the investment incentives available in free and logistics zones.

Furthermore, Al-Kuwari reiterated the chamber’s commitment to fostering cooperation between Qatari and German companies. He expressed the chamber’s openness to German investments in Qatar, leveraging Germany’s renowned technological expertise. Al-Kuwari also encouraged Qatari investors to explore opportunities in Germany and cultivate partnerships with German counterparts by establishing alliances and partnerships.

In response, Pelz commended the strong relations between the two countries, noting that the delegation comprised German businessmen and executives from leading companies across various sectors including technology, agriculture, and construction. Pelz stated that these companies are enthusiastic about establishing affiliates in Qatar and forming partnerships with Qatari firms.

Al-Kuwari’s message underscores Qatar’s welcoming environment for foreign investment, emphasizing the country’s robust infrastructure, favourable legislation, and willingness to collaborate with international partners. Pelz’s acknowledgement of the delegation’s interest in Qatar highlights the mutual desire for strengthening economic ties between Qatar and Germany, paving the way for enhanced cooperation and investment opportunities in both nations.

Al-Obaidli announced the opening of a Qatar office by the German Mittelstand, aimed at facilitating investments by German firms in the Qatari market and improving communication with local counterparts. He highlighted the association’s extensive network, comprising 300 offices in Germany and 80 abroad, emphasizing its commitment to fostering international business ties.

Furthermore, Al-Obaidli underscored the enthusiasm among Qatari business owners to forge lasting partnerships with German companies and leverage German technology in various industry sectors. He emphasized the pivotal role of the private sector in enhancing trade relations between both countries, particularly given Qatar’s advanced infrastructure, which serves as a magnet for investments across diverse economic domains.

Highlighting Qatar’s status as a crucial investment destination and business hub for external markets, Al-Obaidli emphasized the potential for collaboration between Qatari and German businessmen across multiple sectors. Specifically, he identified areas such as banking, digital technology, food security, and tourism as ripe for cooperation, citing the mutual benefits that can arise from such partnerships.

Al-Obaidli’s remarks underscored the mutual interest shared by Qatar and Germany in deepening economic ties and fostering collaboration in key sectors. Through the establishment of the Qatar office, the German Mittelstand aims to facilitate smoother entry into the Qatari market for German firms while also providing invaluable support in navigating local regulations and establishing fruitful partnerships with Qatari counterparts.

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