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Innovation in Action: Qatar Airways’ Presentation on Future Travel Trends at ITB Berlin 2024

Announcing its plans at the ITB Berlin 2024, the premier airline of the Middle East revealed its ambitious expansion strategy for the upcoming summer and winter seasons. Qatar Airways will be adding 17 international destinations to its flight schedules, with a particular focus on enhancing services to Berlin, starting this winter.

Operating from Doha’s Hamad International Airport, recognized as the Middle East’s Best Airport by Skytrax for nine consecutive years, Qatar Airways continues to strengthen its global network, now spanning over 170 destinations worldwide. Notably, the airline is set to increase its presence in Germany by offering services to five cities beginning this summer.

During the opening day of ITB Berlin 2024, Qatar Airways made headlines by unveiling its latest innovation in digital technology – the introduction of the world’s first virtual digital human cabin crew, named Sama. This groundbreaking advancement represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the passenger experience.

At this year’s ITB Berlin, Qatar Airways also announced plans to expand its flight services to 17 global destinations for both the upcoming summer and winter seasons. Additionally, the airline introduced the second version of its virtual MetaHuman cabin crew, named Sama, further demonstrating its commitment to innovation and passenger satisfaction.

The unveiling of Sama 2.0, an enhanced AI-driven cabin crew member, took center stage at Qatar Airways’ innovative booth during the ITB Berlin 2024 event. Designed to provide passengers with personalized experiences through the airline’s virtual platform, QVerse, Sama 2.0 wowed attendees with a spectacular holographic presentation.

Equipped with conversational AI technology, Sama effortlessly showcased her extensive knowledge of Qatar Airways’ operations. The booth also featured a sensory pod, allowing visitors to experience the airline’s acclaimed Qsuite found in Business Class firsthand.

In addition to the debut of Sama 2.0, Qatar Airways announced plans to increase its flight frequency to Berlin, with weekly flights rising from 14 to 18 by the winter of 2024. This expansion aligns with the airline’s commitment to enhancing its services to major European destinations.

Furthermore, Qatar Airways revealed an upcoming milestone with its inaugural flight to Hamburg scheduled for July 1, 2024. This move underscores the airline’s dedication to expanding its network and providing passengers with unparalleled connectivity to key European cities.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer expressed pride in the airline’s long-standing presence at ITB Berlin and its commitment to innovation. He highlighted the significance of introducing the new and improved Sama at the trade show, emphasizing that innovation is a crucial aspect of the airline’s mission. 

Al-Meer noted that the enhancements to Sama represent a significant step towards enhancing the digital experience for passengers. He also underscored the surge in demand for air travel and the role it plays in fostering tourism and trade opportunities between countries and people.

Qatar Airways Chief Commercial Officer, Thierry Antinori, expressed delight at the airline’s participation in ITB Berlin and its opportunity to share important announcements with industry partners. He highlighted the expansion of the airline’s presence in the German market, particularly the introduction of flights to Hamburg. Antinori emphasized Qatar Airways’ commitment to offering passengers a wide range of choices for connecting to its global network of over 170 destinations.

He also noted the airline’s distinction as the only carrier in the Middle East serving five cities in Germany and providing passengers with access to Doha’s Hamad International Airport, recognized as Skytrax’s Best Airport in the Middle East for nine consecutive years. Antinori looked forward to welcoming commercial and trade partners to the Qatar Airways stand to celebrate the airline’s new milestones and engage with its innovative products and services.

Qatar Airways has broadened its reach in the German market with the addition of Hamburg, its fifth destination in Germany. This move elevates the airline’s total weekly flights to Germany to 71, with enhanced flight frequencies to Berlin. All flights will be seamlessly connected through the acclaimed Hamad International Airport.

This summer, Qatar Airways plans to boost flight frequencies compared to previous years for numerous destinations:

  • Barcelona: Increasing from 14 to 21 weekly flights
  • Boston: Expanding from 7 to 10 weekly flights
  • Brussels: Rising from 7 to 10 weekly flights
  • Copenhagen: Elevating from 4 to 7 weekly flights
  • Kuala Lumpur: Jumping from 7 to 14 weekly flights
  • Manchester: Growing from 18 to 21 weekly flights
  • Miami: Climbing from 7 to 10 weekly flights
  • Nice: Ramping up from 4 to 7 weekly flights, with additional increases in May before the F1 Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival
  • Oslo: Doubling from 7 to 14 weekly flights
  • Paris: Scaling up from 21 to 28 weekly flights
  • Rome: Increasing from 18 to 21 weekly flights
  • Seoul: Expanding from 7 to 8 weekly flights
  • Tunis: Rising from 7 to 10 weekly flights
  • Warsaw: Going up from 10 to 14 weekly flights

Qatar Airways is set to boost flight frequencies to various destinations for the upcoming winter season:

  • Berlin: Flights will increase from 14 to 18 weekly.
  • Kuala Lumpur: Frequencies will double from 7 to 14 weekly flights.
  • Paris: Weekly flights will rise from 21 to 28.

Additionally, Qatar Airways welcomes all guests to visit its new exhibition pavilion at the ITB Berlin, located in Hall 4.2, stand 102, from March 5-7, 2024.

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