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QFZ Partners with German ZE-KI Center for AI to Establish Applied AI Research Center in Qatar Free Zones

The Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZ) and the Zentrum für erlebbare Künstliche Intelligenz und Digitalisierung e.V. (ZE-KI e.V), based in Germany, have formalised their collaboration through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement paves the way for the establishment of an applied research centre focused on artificial intelligence (AI) within Qatar’s free zones. 

The signing ceremony occurred during QFZ’s participation in the Web Summit Qatar, held at the Qatar Start-up Pavilion. HE. Dr. Ahmad Al-Sayed, Minister of State and Chairman of QFZ, and Prof. Dr. Sahin Albayrak, Chairman of ZE-KI e.V, were the signatories to the MoU. The event was graced by the presence of HE Lothar Freischlader, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Doha, alongside senior executives from both entities. The signing ceremony took place at the Doha Exhibition & Convention Center (DECC), the venue for the Web Summit Qatar.

HE Mohammed bin Ali Al Mannai, Minister of MCIT and Vice Chairman of QFZ, expressed that the collaboration between QFZ and the ZE-KI Centre for Tangible Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization, as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding, marks a significant milestone in Qatar’s pursuit of technological innovation and economic diversification. 

This partnership underscores their commitment to fostering a dynamic environment for AI research and digital growth within Qatar’s free zones. By integrating ZEKI’s advanced AI and digitalization capabilities with QFZ’s supportive ecosystem, they aim to set a new standard for innovation, aligning with Qatar National Vision 2030’s goal of positioning Qatar as a leading technology and innovation hub. This initiative is expected to enhance the business landscape, attract global investments, and drive economic growth through technology and research in line with the National Digital Agenda 2030.

HE Dr. Ahmad Al Sayed, Minister of State and Chairman of QFZ, underscored the significance of the partnership with the ZE-KI Center for Tangible Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization on the occasion of the signing. He emphasised that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) represents a pivotal step in QFZ’s dedication to fostering innovation and AI research. Al Sayed highlighted the alignment of this initiative with Qatar’s Vision 2030 and the third National Development Strategy. 

He reiterated QFZ’s commitment to developing an AI cluster that promotes sustainable growth in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Al Sayed further outlined the objectives of the collaboration, aiming to establish a premier applied AI research centre within Qatar’s free zones. This centre will utilise real labs and data to drive advancements in critical sectors such as mobility, health, cybersecurity, and business.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been formalised between Qatar Free Zones (QFZ) and ZE-KI to facilitate the establishment of an applied AI research centre within Qatar’s free zones. Operating under the name ZE-KI Doha Centre, this collaborative effort will see ZE-KI managing the centre’s operations while QFZ will provide support and facilitate interactions with investors and relevant institutions. 

QFZ’s role includes fostering engagement between ZE-KI Doha Centre and investors within Qatar’s free zones, as well as educational providers and entities such as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Artificial Intelligence Committee. The aim is to ensure strategic alignment and effective collaboration between all stakeholders involved.

Prof. Dr. Sahin Albayrak, Chairman of the Board of ZE-KI e.V., expressed his honour in joining hands with QFZ, marking a significant milestone in their shared vision. The establishment of the ZE-KI Doha Center within Qatar’s free zones signifies their dedication to advancing artificial intelligence in the Gulf and Middle East regions. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) goes beyond mere infrastructure; it symbolises the creation of an innovation hub where industry and academia collaborate to propel AI and digitalization forward.

The partnership with ZE-KI exemplifies QFZ’s dedication to advancing the digital industry, focusing on emerging sectors and collaborations with prominent organizations while investing significantly in infrastructure. This strategic approach aims to attract more global businesses and investors to Qatar and the region, bolstering the growth of Qatar’s economy and its aspiration to become a hub for technology, innovation, and economic diversification. 

Through the provision of top-tier services and the integration of disruptive technologies and advanced digital infrastructure, QFZ not only enhances business capabilities and innovation but also expedites Qatar’s digital transformation in harmony with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Qatar Free Zones (QFZ) serves as a comprehensive platform facilitating local private sector expansion opportunities on both regional and global scales, through strategic collaboration with international investors. With a keen focus on sectors where businesses can leverage significant competitive advantages, QFZ offers an integrated approach to growth and development. 

These sectors include Emerging Technology, Logistics & Trading, Industrial & Consumer Goods, Marsa Maritime Development, Aerospace & Defense, Food & Agriculture Technology, and Biomedical Sciences. By providing a conducive environment and tailored support mechanisms, QFZ empowers businesses to thrive and capitalise on emerging opportunities, contributing to Qatar’s broader economic diversification efforts.

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