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Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha, Qatar – Contact Info & Services

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Doha plays a crucial role by offering a wide range of consular services to the local community, Saudi Arabian expatriates, and international citizens who are residing in Qatar. The primary function of the embassy is to help Qatari citizens access general and specific information about various aspects of Saudi Arabian life, such as the economy, culture, sports, and education, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration between the two nations.

The embassy helps Qatari citizens seeking information about the requirements and immigration processes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Whether individuals are travelling for business, leisure, or other purposes, the embassy provides essential information to ensure a smooth transition. It demonstrates its commitment to promoting seamless interactions and strengthening diplomatic ties between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

It also serves as a central hub for those who are interested in obtaining a Saudi Arabian visa. Through its consular services, the embassy guides applicants through the application process, offering the necessary support to meet all requirements. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the visa application procedure but also enhances the overall efficiency of cross-border travel between the two nations. Thus, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Doha stands as a cornerstone for fostering cooperation and connectivity between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Contact Information of Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha

  • Embassy Address: Dafna, Diplomatic Area, Doha, Qatar
  • Contact Number: +974 483 2030, +974 483 2711
  • Fax: +974 483 2720
  • Email Id:
  • Open on: Sunday to Thursday
  • Office Hours: From 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Services Provided By the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha

The Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha provides essential services to facilitate diplomatic, consular, and cultural relations between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These services include visa issuance for Qatari citizens and residents intending to travel to Saudi Arabia, consular assistance for Saudi nationals in Qatar, and the promotion of cultural exchange and cooperation between the two nations. 

The embassy serves as a crucial hub for fostering bilateral ties and ensuring the well-being and support of individuals from both countries within its jurisdiction.

1. Consular Services

  • Visa applications: It involves obtaining permission to enter a foreign country for various purposes. This service facilitates Saudi citizens in Qatar to apply for specific visas like those for business, tourism, pilgrimage (Umrah), work, and study. The process typically necessitates appointments and the submission of specific documentation, such as proof of the purpose of the visit, financial stability, and travel arrangements.
  • Passport Renewals: Passport renewals cater to Saudi citizens residing in Qatar. This service ensures that individuals can easily extend the validity of their passports, a crucial document for international travel. The process involves submitting the necessary paperwork, including the current passport, recent photographs, and any additional documentation required for renewal.
  • Marriage Registration: This service assists Saudi citizens in Qatar with the official registration of marriages. It ensures that the union is legally recognized, providing documentation that may be required for various purposes, such as visa applications and family-related legal matters.
  • Document Legalization: Document legalization involves the official authentication of documents issued in Qatar for use in Saudi Arabia. This service is crucial for ensuring that legal, educational, or other official documents are recognized and accepted in Saudi Arabia.
  • Birth and Death Registration: For Saudi citizens residing in Qatar, this service facilitates the registration of births and deaths. It ensures that these life events are officially documented, which may be essential for legal, administrative, or personal reasons.
  • Saudi Nationality Issues: It includes assisting with matters related to acquiring, verifying, or addressing dual citizenship for Saudi citizens. It involves navigating legal processes and documentation to address concerns or changes in nationality status.
  • Other Consular Services: This category encompasses a range of services, including emergency assistance, voter registration, lost passport assistance, and travel advice. It reflects the consular office’s commitment to addressing a variety of situations that Saudi citizens in Qatar may encounter, ensuring their well-being and adherence to legal requirements during their stay.

2. Information Services

  • General Information about Saudi Arabia: It provides details about the country’s economy, culture, history, tourism, education, geography, politics, and other key aspects that help paint a complete picture of the Kingdom. It covers both current events and traditional elements that shape life in Saudi Arabia.
  • Information about Visa Requirements and Processes: The service offers clear guidance on visa requirements and step-by-step application procedures for various visa types, including tourist, business, work, transit, and family visit visas. It clarifies eligibility rules, documents required, processing times, entry regulations, and other important details.
  • Contact Information for Businesses and Organizations in Saudi Arabia: The service connects individuals and companies with relevant businesses, government agencies, non-profits, associations, and other organizations across sectors in Saudi Arabia. It provides up-to-date contact information to help facilitate partnerships, investment, trade, and other interests with Saudi entities.

3. Additional Services

  • Cultural Exchange Programs: Promoting cultural understanding and exchange between Saudi Arabia and Qatar through student exchanges, shared arts programs, and interfaith dialogues.
  • Trade and Investment Facilitation: Supporting businesses interested in trade and investment opportunities between the two countries by providing market research, partnership matching, and navigating regulatory procedures.
  • Emergency Assistance: Providing help and support to Saudi citizens facing emergencies in Qatar, including legal aid, repatriation assistance, temporary housing, and counselling services. Also assisting Qataris facing emergencies in Saudi Arabia through a reciprocal arrangement.

Common Types of Saudi Visas in Qatar

Saudi Arabia offers a diverse range of visas to accommodate various purposes, from business and employment to religious pilgrimage and family visits. Understanding the specific requirements and regulations associated with each visa type is crucial for smooth and lawful entry into the country. 

Whether one is seeking to explore the rich cultural heritage, engage in business endeavours, or establish a long-term residency, the Saudi Arabian visa system is designed to cater to a wide array of needs, fostering international connections and facilitating diverse experiences within the Kingdom.

1. Business Visa / Commercial Visa

The Business or Commercial visa is designed for individuals travelling to Saudi Arabia for business-related activities. This includes attending meetings, conferences, negotiations, or exploring investment opportunities. The visa facilitates a temporary stay for business purposes and is essential for individuals seeking to engage in commercial activities within the country.

2. Diplomatic and Official Visa

Diplomatic and official visas cater to individuals representing their governments on official business in Saudi Arabia. This category includes diplomats, government officials, and other individuals on government-related missions. The application process typically involves diplomatic channels and requires coordination between the sending and receiving countries. 

3. Employment Visa

An employment visa is essential for foreign nationals seeking employment in Saudi Arabia. It is typically sponsored by the hiring company, and applicants may need to undergo a medical examination. The visa is a precursor to obtaining a residence permit, allowing the individual to live and work in the country. It involves a thorough process, including obtaining approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

4. Family Visit Visa

The family visit visa is for foreign nationals who have family members residing in Saudi Arabia. This allows family reunification for a temporary period. The sponsoring family member in Saudi Arabia usually initiates the application process, and approval depends on meeting certain criteria.

5. Government Visit Visa

Government visit visas are granted to individuals representing foreign governments visiting Saudi Arabia for official purposes other than diplomacy. This could include attending governmental conferences, and events, or engaging in collaborative initiatives. The visa is crucial for fostering diplomatic ties and facilitating communication between nations.

6. Hajj Visa

The Hajj visa is specifically for Muslims intending to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the Five Pillars of Islam. This visa is granted exclusively for the Hajj season, and applicants must fulfil specific requirements, including proof of Muslim identity and financial capability to support themselves during the pilgrimage. The issuance of Hajj visas is regulated and coordinated by the Saudi government to ensure a smooth and organized pilgrimage experience.

7. Residence Visa

A residence visa is a critical step for individuals planning to live in Saudi Arabia. It is usually sponsored by an employer or a close family member who is a resident in the country. The residence visa allows the holder to live and work in Saudi Arabia for an extended period. 

8. Student Visa

Foreign nationals intending to pursue education in Saudi Arabia need a student visa. This involves securing admission to a recognized educational institution and obtaining sponsorship. The student visa allows individuals to stay in the country for the duration of their studies.

9. Tourist Visa

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to tourism with the introduction of the tourist visa. This type of visa is for individuals visiting the country for leisure and exploration purposes. Tourist visas are typically valid for a specific duration, and applicants may need to provide an itinerary and proof of accommodation. The Tourist visa is designed for individuals who want to explore the cultural and historical richness of Saudi Arabia. It allows visitors to experience the country’s attractions and landmarks for a specified period. 

10. Umrah Visa

Similar to the Hajj visa, the Umrah visa is for Muslims, but it is specifically for the lesser pilgrimage known as Umrah. This type of visa allows individuals to visit Mecca and Medina for religious purposes outside of the designated Hajj season. 

11. Work Visit Visa

A work visit visa is designed for individuals who need to visit Saudi Arabia for a short duration for work-related purposes. This could include attending business meetings, conferences, or training sessions. It is distinct from the regular Employment visa, as it caters to temporary work assignments.

12. Newborn Visa

For expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia who have recently welcomed a newborn, a newborn visa is required to ensure legal recognition of the child’s status. This involves a process of documentation and sponsorship, and it is crucial for the child’s legal presence in the country.


In conclusion, the establishment of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha signifies a significant milestone in the diplomatic relations between these two influential nations. This strategic move not only fosters stronger ties but also reflects the commitment of both Saudi Arabia and Qatar to enhance bilateral cooperation across various sectors. The Embassy serves as a symbolic bridge, connecting the two countries and promoting a deeper understanding of their shared values, culture, and economic interests.

The diplomatic presence in Doha is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing political dialogues, facilitating trade and investment, and fostering people-to-people connections. The Saudi Arabia Embassy serves as a hub for diplomatic engagements, providing a platform for open and constructive communication between the governments, paving the way for collaborative efforts in addressing regional challenges and opportunities.

Furthermore, the embassy serves as a beacon of support for Saudi citizens residing in or visiting Qatar. It stands as a testament to the commitment of the Saudi government to ensure the welfare and protection of its citizens abroad. The presence of the embassy not only facilitates consular services but also promotes cultural exchanges, showcasing the rich heritage and diversity of Saudi Arabia to the Qatari populace.

As the diplomatic ties continue to strengthen, the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha becomes a symbol of peace, stability, and cooperation in the Gulf region. It reflects the shared vision of the two nations to contribute to regional development and prosperity. This diplomatic mission is not merely a physical structure; it is a manifestation of the enduring friendship and mutual respect between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In essence, the establishment of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of international relations, where nations recognize the importance of collaboration and dialogue in addressing global challenges. It sets the stage for a new chapter of enhanced cooperation, understanding, and friendship between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, fostering a future of shared prosperity and peace in the region.

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