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15 Best Attestation Services In Qatar

Attestation Services In Qatar are a crucial process for individuals and businesses who want to use personal or educational documents abroad. It plays a vital role in verifying the authenticity of documents, such as degree certificates, birth certificates, and marriage certificates, for international purposes. These services go beyond mere formalities, assuring the legitimacy of the documents.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar is the main attestation provider, following standardized procedures and regulations. Their meticulous validation process involves checking security features on documents and directly contacting the issuing authority to confirm legitimacy. Alongside government services, authorized private centres offer specialized attestation services tailored to individual needs.

The collaboration between governmental bodies and accredited agencies in Qatar ensures a streamlined and efficient attestation process, contributing to the overall ease of doing business in the country. Trustworthy attestation services are crucial for those involved in international transactions, fostering a climate of trust and reliability.

Qatar’s attestation infrastructure has rapidly evolved to meet increasing demand, reflecting the nation’s ambition to be a global economic player

The demand for attestation services is expected to rise. Despite the complexities of attestation, a robust system backed by authentic sources allows individuals and organizations to confidently engage in cross-border activities, knowing their documents are globally recognized and accepted. Qatar’s commitment to transparency, legal compliance, and global integration is evident through its attestation services.

Types of Attestation Services In Qatar

In Qatar, attestation services play a pivotal role in validating the authenticity of documents for a range of purposes, including employment, education, and legal matters. This crucial process entails securing official stamps and signatures from authorized authorities to affirm the document’s origin and legitimacy.

The attestation services in Qatar encompass the thorough verification and authentication of documents, ensuring their validity and legality. This verification is a prerequisite for diverse applications, such as employment proceedings, educational pursuits, immigration requirements, and legal transactions.

The types of attestation services in Qatar typically include:

  • Educational Certificate Attestation: Individuals seeking employment or higher education in Qatar typically undergo the attestation process for educational certificates, including degrees and diplomas. This involves verification by relevant authorities in their home country, followed by approval from the Qatari Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE).
  • Non-Educational Certificate Attestation: This category covers personal documents like birth, marriage, and death certificates, along with experience certificates. The attestation process involves verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the home country, followed by legalization at the Qatari embassy or consulate.
  • Commercial Document Attestation: Businesses in Qatar often require attestation for commercial documents like invoices and contracts. The process includes authentication by the relevant chamber of commerce in the home country and subsequent approval by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI).
  • Apostille Attestation: For countries in the Hague Apostille Convention, obtaining an apostille is necessary. This simplified form of legalization is recognized by all member countries and is typically obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country.
  • Employment Document Attestation: In the Qatar employment process, individuals often need to attest employment-related documents, ensuring the authenticity of their employment history and contractual agreements.
  • Power of Attorney Attestation: Granting someone authority through a power of attorney may require attestation for legal acceptance. This involves validating the document, ensuring its authenticity and compliance with legal requirements for recognition in Qatar.
  • Medical Document Attestation: For individuals seeking medical treatment or employment in Qatar’s healthcare sector, attestation of medical reports and certificates is essential, assuring healthcare institutions and employers regarding qualifications.
  • Embassy Attestation: In some cases, documents may need attestation by the embassy of the country where they are intended for use, ensuring they meet specific requirements.
  • MOFA Attestation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs): After document attestation by relevant authorities, the final step involves verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar, ensuring international acceptance of the attested documents.
  • Translation and Attestation: For documents not in Arabic, translation into Arabic may be required along with attestation to ensure understanding and acceptance by local authorities. This step is crucial for clarity and compliance with language requirements in Qatar.
  • Legalization Services: Legalization services involve comprehensive document verification to ensure conformity with legal requirements, making documents suitable for various legal processes in Qatar, and establishing trust and legitimacy in legal transactions and proceedings.

List of 15 Best Attestation Services In Qatar

In Qatar, the validation of document legitimacy is crucial for a range of purposes such as employment, education, and legal matters, and attestation services play a pivotal role in this process. These services involve obtaining official stamps and signatures from authorized entities to confirm the document’s origin and authenticity. 

The following list provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse types of attestation services available in Qatar, showcasing the top 15 esteemed providers in the field. These providers are widely recognized for their proficiency and reliability in delivering attestation services.

1. NEW INDIA Certificate Attestation Services

NEW INDIA Certificate Attestation Services


  • Address: ​​Al–Dabbagh Building., Office – 2 G.Floor Near Chairman Hotel, Opposite Big Mosque Najma, Doha – QATAR., Building No. 56, Street 850, Zone 26., Qatar
  • Phone: +974 4442 4474, +974 30092444
  • Email:

NEW INDIA Certificate Attestation Services is a reliable entity specializing in document verification. The company is dedicated to ensuring authenticity and compliance by streamlining the process of certificate attestation. They handle a diverse range of documents, including educational certificates and legal papers, using a comprehensive approach. NEW INDIA Certificate Attestation Services is committed to efficiency, assuring clients of secure and expeditious attestation procedures. Their proficiency in navigating the intricate requirements of various authorities contributes to their standing as a trusted service provider. 

The company serves both individuals and organizations, prioritizing customer satisfaction and aiming to deliver meticulous and hassle-free attestation services. This solidifies their position as a reputable player in the certificate attestation domain.

2. Genius Certificate Attestation

Genius Certificate Attestation


  • Address: ​​Office no:7, 1st floor, 3rd block, Ali Bin Jabor and Sons Complex, Near Old Gulf Cinema Signal, C Ring road, Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 70441551, +974 70441555, +974 33469644, +974 74780966
  • Email: NA

Genius Certificate Attestation is a reputable service that specializes in validating certificates to ensure their legality and acceptance in various fields. The company has become well-known for its efficient processes, making it a preferred choice for individuals and organizations in need of document attestation services. With a commitment to excellence, Genius Certificate Attestation simplifies complex and time-consuming attestation procedures, offering a reliable solution for clients’ needs. 

The service covers a range of certificates, including educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. Clients benefit from a customer-centric approach, where security and efficiency are top priorities. Genius Certificate Attestation’s dedication to upholding legal standards and facilitating hassle-free attestation solidifies its reputation as a trusted partner in the document authentication landscape.

3. Connect Certificate Attestation

Connect Certificate Attestation


Connect Certificate Attestation is a distinguished service provider renowned for its document attestation services. The company is known for its efficient processes, ensuring the validation of certificates for various purposes. It has established itself as a reliable source in the attestation domain, placing a high priority on customer satisfaction through secure and prompt services. The commitment to excellence is evident in the company’s seamless attestation procedures. 

Clients can benefit from a comprehensive range of reliable attestation services, solidifying Connect Certificate Attestation’s reputation for excellence in meeting diverse document validation requirements. The company caters to both individuals and corporations, offering convenient and dependable attestation solutions. With expertise in the attestation industry, Connect Certificate Attestation remains a trusted partner for those seeking reliable and streamlined document validation services.

4. TrustLink



TrustLink, a highly esteemed service provider, specializes in the meticulous process of certificate attestation in Qatar. Known for its unwavering commitment to excellence, TrustLink has become the preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable attestation services.

It offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse attestation requirements, solidifying its position as an industry leader. The company’s customer-centric approach prioritizes client satisfaction, ensuring a secure and efficient attestation process. By consistently providing seamless and reliable solutions, the company has further established its credibility in the specialized field of certificate attestation in Qatar. 

In addition to its technical proficiency, TrustLink understands the unique needs of its clients, fostering trust and reliability. The company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service underscores its role as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of document authentication. W

5. Bharath International

Bharath International


Bharath International is a distinguished attestation service provider that specializes in document verification and authentication. The company is renowned for its efficiency and has established itself as a reliable entity in the attestation domain. Bharath International is committed to client satisfaction. It ensures the swift and secure processing of documents, making it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its meticulous approach to document attestation, instilling confidence in its clientele. 

By catering to a diverse range of clients, Bharath International offers a comprehensive suite of attestation services. With a strong foundation in the industry and a customer-centric ethos, it continues to be a trusted partner for individuals and organizations seeking seamless document attestation solutions.

6. Kenza Services

Kenza Services


Kenza Services is widely recognized for its unwavering commitment to excellence, making it a prominent player in the service industry. The company offers a diverse range of services, ensuring efficient and customized solutions for various needs. At Kenza Services, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, with a dedicated emphasis on secure and timely transactions. This commitment establishes the company as a reliable and trustworthy choice in the service sector. 

Kenza Services adopts a transparent and customer-centric approach, highlighting its dedication to excellence. The company caters to both individual and corporate clients, blending industry expertise with a commitment to providing convenient and dependable solutions. Through consistent delivery of professional and customer-focused services, Kenza Services has earned a solid reputation, making it a respected and sought-after service provider in the market.

7. QCF Global Services

QCF Global Services


  • Website:
  • Address: Office No:66, First Floor, Building No: 239, Street: 230, Opposite KPMG, C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 3322 2369, +974 3166 6369
  • Email:

QCF Global Services is a distinguished provider of comprehensive solutions, recognized for its expertise in various domains. The company specializes in quality control and assurance, positioning itself as an industry leader dedicated to delivering excellence. The company’s commitment to high standards and efficient services benefits the clients. It ensures that quality is paramount in every endeavour. QCF Global Services has successfully become a trusted partner, serving diverse sectors and meeting stringent quality requirements. 

With a dedication to innovation, the company consistently adapts to industry trends and technological advancements, establishing itself as a forward-thinking and reliable service provider. Serving various global clients, QCF Global Services exemplifies a commitment to quality assurance, making it the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-tier solutions.

8. Sheen Services WLL

Sheen Services WLL


  • Website:
  • Address: Office # 10, Second Floor, Concord Business Center Al Rawabi Street Al Muntazah, Near, C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 55974495, +974 5575 2696, +974-4436 6147, +9744037 7890
  • Email:

Sheen Services WLL is recognized as a reputable service provider that offers a wide range of solutions to meet diverse client needs. The company has positioned itself as a reliable entity in its field by maintaining a strong commitment to excellence. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Sheen Services WLL, and the company ensures seamless and secure transactions to achieve this goal. With a customer-centric approach, Sheen Services WLL has become a trusted choice in its industry. 

The company provides a comprehensive suite of reliable services that cater to the distinct requirements of both individual and corporate customers, showcasing its versatility and expertise. By leveraging industry knowledge and focusing on customer service, Sheen Services WLL continues to establish itself as a go-to partner for those seeking dependable and comprehensive solutions.

9. Attest Qatar Attestation & General Services. W.L.L

Attest Qatar Attestation & General Services. W.L.L


  • Website:
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Misr Insurance Building, C Ring Road, Opposite AL Emadi Business Centre, Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 44350015, +974 33032681
  • Email:

Attest Qatar Attestation & General Services W.L.L is a prominent provider of attestation and general services, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for clients. Renowned for its expertise, the company has solidified its position as a trusted name in the industry. Attest Qatar prioritizes customer satisfaction by delivering secure and timely attestation services. Serving both individual and corporate clients, the company offers a comprehensive range of reliable services tailored to meet diverse needs. 

By leveraging a wealth of experience in the field, Attest Qatar stands out for its dedication to providing accurate and trustworthy document attestation solutions. Clients can rely on the company for a convenient and reliable experience, making Attest Qatar a preferred choice in the realm of attestation and general services.




Infosat Certificate Attestation is a trusted service provider specializing in the authentication of various documents. The company is well-known for its proficiency in certificate attestation, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Committed to excellence, Infosat prioritizes customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the security and timeliness of document verification. As a prominent player in the attestation domain, Infosat has earned a reputation for trustworthiness, serving both individual and corporate clients with dedication. 

The company’s commitment to delivering reliable services contributes to its standing as a reputable entity in the certificate attestation industry. With expertise and a customer-centric approach, Infosat Certificate Attestation is a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking trustworthy document authentication services.

11. Diseno attestation

Diseno attestation


Diseno Attestation has positioned itself as a reliable partner for individuals and businesses, specializing in the authentication of various legal documents. The company ensures a secure and efficient verification process. It is committed to excellence by providing transparent and prompt services to prioritize client satisfaction. Diseno Attestation caters to diverse client needs by providing credible and dependable attestation solutions through its expertise. 

The company’s professionalism and customer-centric approach make it a trusted choice in the document authentication realm, solidifying its reputation as a leading service provider in the industry. Its reliable services and client-focused values distinguish Diseno Attestation as a prominent player in document authentication.




  • Website:
  • Address: Office No: 208 – 2nd Floor KGH Building Building No: 194 Street No: 230 Zone No: 26 Street Name: C Ring Road Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 30144337, +974 77179554, +974 30144112
  • Email:

Kingsdell Attestation Services is a well-respected entity in the document attestation domain. It is known for its efficient and reliable services. The company specializes in facilitating the authentication and legalization of documents, establishing itself as a leader in the industry. Committed to excellence, Kingsdell prioritizes client satisfaction through a secure and swift attestation process. The company’s dedication to providing trustworthy services has made it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking document authentication. 

With a comprehensive range of attestation services, Kingsdell caters to diverse client needs, solidifying its reputation for excellence in the field. Continuously serving clients diligently, the company leverages expertise and a customer-centric approach to ensure a seamless attestation experience.

13. HelpDesk company

HelpDesk company


  • Website:
  • Address: Office 6, Building No 4, Al Muntaza, Street 830Hiteen street, Zone24, Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 77689414, +974 30334200, +974 50717393
  • Email:

HelpDesk is a renowned service provider recognized for its efficient and dependable assistance. The company is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and has positioned itself as a premier platform for diverse support needs. Demonstrating a commitment to excellence, HelpDesk adeptly resolves customer queries and concerns with promptness and seamlessness. The company serves both individual and corporate clients, offering a wide range of reliable services that cater to various needs. 

With expertise in customer support, HelpDesk guarantees a convenient and trustworthy experience for its users. The company’s reputation as a reliable support hub is solidified by prioritizing secure and timely solutions. Clients benefit from HelpDesk’s customer-centric approach, making it the preferred choice in the support services sector.

14. Asian Translation & Attestation WLL 

Asian Translation & Attestation WLL


  • Website:
  • Address: Office # 10, Second Floor, Concord Business Center, Al Rawabi Street, Near C Ring Road, Al Muntazah, Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 5597 4495, +974 5575 2696, +974 4436 6147, +974 4037 7890
  • Email:

Asian Translation & Attestation WLL is a renowned provider of translation and attestation services, catering to the diverse linguistic and documentation needs of individuals and businesses. The company is known for its proficiency and ensures accurate and culturally sensitive translations, establishing itself as a trusted entity in the industry. It specialises in delivering attestation services. Asian Translation & Attestation WLL streamlines the document legalization process for clients, demonstrating a commitment to excellence. 

Its dedication to providing prompt and reliable services has made it the preferred choice for individuals seeking authentication for various purposes. Combining linguistic expertise with a customer-centric approach, Asian Translation & Attestation WLL continues to meet the growing demands for translation and attestation services, offering tailored solutions for a global clientele.

15. RAG Global Business Hub  

RAG Global Business Hub


  • Website:
  • Address: Building No 36, Zone 16, Street 820, Behind Al Watan Centre, Doha, Qatar
  • Phone: +974 6633 7442, +974 3158 2270
  • Email:

RAG Global Business Hub is widely recognized for its efficient document attestation services and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. As a prominent player in the sector, the company has established itself as a reliable choice for businesses and individuals seeking authentication services. The focus on excellence is evident in the secure and prompt processing of document attestation, showcasing the dedication to upholding industry standards.

Clients benefit from a diverse range of reliable services, reinforcing the company’s reputation for excellence in meeting various attestation requirements. RAG Global Business Hub caters to both individual and corporate needs, utilizing its industry expertise and demonstrating a steadfast commitment to customer service. This ensures a seamless and trustworthy experience in the document attestation process.


In conclusion, choosing the best attestation services in Qatar is crucial for a seamless and reliable document legalization experience. Throughout this exploration, we have identified key factors that distinguish a standout attestation service in Qatar’s competitive landscape.

The best attestation services in Qatar should prioritize accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. They must possess a comprehensive understanding of the attestation process intricacies, ensuring precise authentication of documents in compliance with regulatory requirements. Client satisfaction is a vital indicator of service quality. Top providers prioritize customer needs, offering prompt communication, personalized assistance, and a streamlined process to minimize hassle for clients.

Additionally, a reputable attestation service in Qatar should have a team of experienced professionals well-versed in legal and procedural nuances. This expertise ensures clients receive a service that not only meets immediate needs but also anticipates and addresses potential challenges. Reliability and adherence to deadlines are essential qualities. The best providers are known for punctuality and a commitment to delivering authenticated documents within stipulated time frames.

Therefore, while looking for the best attestation services in Qatar, one must consider accuracy, customer satisfaction, and professionalism. By doing so, individuals and businesses can confidently navigate the complex landscape of document legalization, knowing they have engaged with a service that excels in every aspect of the attestation process.

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