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Qatar Vision 2030: A Roadmap to Sustainable Development

Focussing on four interlinked pillars, Qatar unfolds its national vision 2030 to become an advanced country with a prosperous society.

  • Economic development: Diversify the economy away from oil and gas, and create a knowledge-based economy.
  • Social development: Improve the quality of life for all Qataris, and create a more inclusive society.
  • Environmental sustainability: Protect the environment, and promote sustainable development.
  • International cooperation: Promote international cooperation, and contribute to global development.
  • Good governance: Strengthen good governance, promote transparency and accountability.

Conceived in 2008 and ceaselessly pursued since after, Qatar National Vision 2030 aims to transform the country into an advanced society capable of sustaining its development. It foresees a prosperous society in which its citizens enjoy a high standard of living.

Qatar is a rich country with abundant natural resources. It is among the top five richest countries in the world, with a per capita GDP of over $100,000. However, there is a huge income disparity, which the government now wants to correct. It aims to bring prosperity to its people and improve their standard of living.

The National Vision addresses some major challenges faced by the country, which include: 

  • Preserving its tradition while pursuing modernisation.
  • Satisfying the needs of its people.
  • Managed growth and uncontrolled expansion.
  • Controlling the influx of a large expatriate labour force.
  • Economic growth, social development, and environmental protection.

The vision has outlined the long-term goals for the country. It has drawn up a basic framework on which various strategies can be developed and implemented. Qatar National Vision 2030 has identified four core areas through which it aims to carry out its development plans. Also referred to as the four pillars of the National Vision, these are:

1. Human Development

To overcome the challenge posed by the large expatriate labour force, Qatar is investing heavily in human resource development. It has taken a holistic approach towards developing its healthcare infrastructure and education system. The government is augmenting the education system on a massive scale. It wants its future human resource requirements to be met by its own people, a healthy, educated, and skilful workforce.

2. Social Development

Qatar aspires to become a fair, impartial, and caring society that nurtures high moral values. It hopes to achieve this by promoting Islamic principles in conjunction with humanitarian values. The country has taken several social initiatives to promote community feeling and foster cultural heritage. For example, it’s promoting sports as a way of life and encouraging people to embrace a strong and cohesive family structure. Internationally, it seeks to forge strong bilateral ties with its neighbours, to have a greater say in regional politics.

3. Economic Development

To achieve sustainable development, Qatar National Vision 2030 aims to streamline the economy. It emphasises efficient management and a responsible approach towards the optimal use of its natural resources. The Vision also emphasises infrastructure development across sectors with special emphasis on the private sector. A diversified economy with a flourishing private sector would augur well for the overall development of the country.

4. Environmental Development 

The government understands the need for scientific, environmental management to balance socio-economic development and environmental protection. Rapid population growth, deteriorating air quality, and harmed natural habitat are serious threats to its environment. The government has taken several steps to protect and improve the environment, such as promoting the use of green energy and a pledge to weed out plastic pollution. 

Key Aspects of Qatar’s Social Development Strategy.

Qatar National Vision 2030 is steadily leading the country towards becoming a developed society capable of sustaining its development. It envisages sustainable development and a drastic improvement in the standard of living of its citizens. However, it cannot be accomplished without the active participation of the people. Young innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs must come forward with feasible solutions to turn this vision into reality.

Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts and make suggestions on the National Vision.

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