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MBK Holding Qatar: Helping Entrepreneurs & Startups Succeed

With the economic expansion of Qatar, it has become a lucrative space for emerging startups with innovative product/service ideas to open a business in the country. However, coming up with an idea and bringing it to life are two separate and equally vital preliminary steps at the beginning of any business. Companies like MBK Holding have been making the latter, bit effortless for startups.

Located in the heart of Doha, MBK Holding is a privately held financial services firm geared towards entrepreneurs’ lasting success and facilitating growth, innovation, and high returns.  MBK Holding is engineered especially towards supporting startups to help them become exciting, market-leading companies.

How MBK Holding Functions?

They work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their business goals and vision for the market. They cultivate growth and innovation with an impetus for high returns. Their goal is to build long-term strategic partnerships to ensure continuous and lasting success for entrepreneurs & startups. 

As a venture capitalist (VC), MBK Holding offers growth services to aspiring entrepreneurs & innovators that help them run their business while minimizing the obstacles that startups face in their pursuit of developing their business ideas. 

Why does it Stand-Out?

Unlike other VCs in the financial sector, MBK Holding cultivates an ethos of sustainable and fruitful personal connection with its entrepreneurs. This gives them an edge because the entrepreneurs don’t view them as typical venture capitalists but rather as partners and fellow executives who help them build companies ready to survive the competition locally and globally. 

Sheikh Mansoor bin Khalifa Al Thani: The Founder and Chairman of MBK Holding. A visionary businessman, and Global Investor.

MBK Holding is the brainchild of Sheikh Mansoor Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. A member of the Qatari ruling family, Sheikh Mansoor is a visionary businessman with extensive experience in strategic technology development and venture capital investments. With investments in the GCC, Europe, South America, and the United States of America, Sheikh Mansoor features as a global investor in the field of innovation & technology. 

The investments range from aviation and light aircraft to healthcare and medicine, amongst other fields like online security platforms, renewable energy, IT software services, etc. MBK Holding is also a strong supporter of Qatar SportsTech. 

Recently, MBK Holding funded Cwallet, a blockchain-powered wallet designed to be a one-stop shop for all payments and transfers. These investments have shaped Sheikh Mansoor’s image as an angel investor on a global level.

His passion for new and emerging technology reflects in his investments. As the Founder and Chairman of MBK Holding, apart from his investments in MBK Holding, he also has his fair share in delegation and management. In addition, he incubates various entities led by a multinational team of expert entrepreneurs. He founded himself while others were direct investments to enable these ventures’ impressive growth and success.

Qatar is likely to become a hotspot for rising successful startups with its improving stature in the entrepreneurship index of the world. However, startups require support from companies like MBK Holding to shape their business plans into a tangible reality and tackle obstructions that are not directly related to the workings of the business plan. MBK Holdings holds an important position at this critical juncture of expansion and advancement in the entrepreneurial field in Qatar. Its startup-centric service and long-term sustainable business model are likely to help startups achieve major milestones.

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