Turismo – the first Qatar-based traveling marketplace


Technology is driving innovation, expansion, and globalization in the tourist sector, as well as changing what it means to travel.  Traveling is now more inexpensive, accessible, and easier than it has ever been before because of technological advancements. 

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, which grounded flights and reduced hotel occupancy, the sector was compelled to adapt and find new methods to stay relevant, including a greater embrace of digital solutions.


Qatar’s significant investment in the digital industry has provided a plethora of opportunities for inventors and young entrepreneurs, as well as the creation of digital solutions. Turismo, the first travel-tech startup in the country, developed by Nada Farouk, has become a revolutionary solution and significantly impacted the industry.

What makes Turismo app unique

Turismo, which was founded in 2019, assists Qatari travel companies in developing stronger long-term relationships with clients by adopting new business tactics. The aim of the app is to have travelers completely linked digitally and informed of destination alternatives, excursions, lodging, and pricing, as well as being able to request any traveling facility with a tab. To this end, Turismo dedicates a lot of time and resources to identify the needs of their target audience. 

Through cooperation with local organizations, Turismo provides travelers with a stress-free travel experience. This opens up new opportunities and creates a competitive marketplace for agencies to advertise their packages and connect with clients using the most user-friendly interface possible.

Source: turismo.app
Nada Farouk, Founder & CEO at Turismo

How the pandemic helped to choose the right direction

Turismo was founded in February of 2019, ahead of COVID-19, with the goal of developing local tourist concepts by the end of 2021. However, the epidemic and worldwide lockdown emphasized the urgent necessity to investigate the domestic tourism sector.

According to Nada Farouk, they observed a tremendous demand when the COVID-19 epidemic began since they learned that certain travel businesses were fully booked for months for destinations like Purple Island and other areas that most people were unaware of before. That is why she reasoned that there was a market potential here.

The market for technology tourism is complicated and competitive. Turismo, on the other hand, is concentrating on filling in the holes left by larger companies.


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