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The first Qatar-based indoor and venue navigation solution

The story of NavBuddy, an IT startup providing indoor navigation solutions, begins with winning The Qatar SportsTech Hackathon (QST Hackathon) in 2019. Mohammad Al Saffar and Ahammed Waseem, who won a tech hackathon whilst being the youngest team and competing against industry professionals. The founders and a team are still devoted to tackling real-world problems in the most efficient way possible.

Born into a competitive climate, the team strived to build a product that will advance the area of indoor navigation and radically alter how Qataris move around inside. That is how NavBuddy’s journey began.

Shortly after developing the idea, NavBuddy managed to have MBK Holdings join the board of directors as strategic investors. Learning and creating technology under their expert guidance and direction has brought about many opportunities for the company.

How does it work? 

NavBuddy is an indoor navigation system that allows users to travel to numerous points of interest within malls, stadiums, hospitals, and other venues seamlessly and in real-time.

The customer will have access to a list of all stores and restaurants (in malls), numerous treatment rooms, labs, and offices (in hospitals), cafeterias, gates, and washrooms (in stadiums), and other relevant places within the venues with our product. All the user needs to do is feed in their desired location and follow the application’s directions.

In addition, the user will have access to bookmarking, category searches, and various other features on the app. Crowd behavior data, such as the most visited areas around the facility or at the venue, are also available through NavBuddy.

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What makes NavBuddy so special?

NavBuddy uses BLE beacons and sensor fusion technology to deliver Indoor Navigation and Crowd Monitoring solutions. In addition, NavBuddy’s hardware has been incorporated in a unique networking manner that allows for at least ten times the accuracy of any other similar solution on the market.

The app has an accuracy of up to 25cm and doesn’t require WiFi and GPS. It also features self-healing hardware that identifies and repairs defects or malfunctions.

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